Remove Restrictions, Capture Intention, Feeling, Know & Trust

Remove Restrictions
In many cases, we are controlled and restricted by self-preconceptions and obstacles set by ourselves.
Who has never done “Somersault” when they were young, brave and fearless, it is very fun, and if you have a few friends in an open field, everyone will have a great time!
Today, Master Seer told us to try Somersault in slow motion. Arms up, slowly moving downwards with my head facing my knees, but as I was about to roll I started to fear that something might go wrong. At this age, I was scared and lacking courage. I tried repeatedly. My heart just can’t seem to take it, but I was determined not to be reconciled, and finally gave in my last bit of courage, and daring enough to flip over, ahaha, I successfully flipped, I felt a sense of achievement. Starting all over again, this time I didn’t fear as much. The confidence I gain afterwards allowed the body’s muscle cells and nerves to slowly accept this action. It can be done. To overcome it, you must also eliminate self-limitation. The same goes for yoga asana. It is necessary to keep practicing and understand how to accurately use the functions, techniques, and applications of each part of our body. With time, it will become possible for you to do what you originally thought was impossible, beautifully and easily.

Capture Intention
Intentions can be set daily, weekly, or monthly. Before considering your intentions, meditation or deep breathing exercises can help you. To set an intention, you must remember the most important thing in your life:
When are you the happiest?
How do you want to stretch yourself?
What kind of emotion do you want to spend a good day with?
What do you want to bring to the world?
The beauty lies in those who are serious in life.
Find a period to concentrate, capture your intentions, and take it seriously. Yoga asanas require concentration and concentration from the inside-out. Let’s not have perfunctory practice or get distracted, it will be difficult to concentrate, instead free yourself, let yourself enjoy in every yoga asana, the perfection of asana is not important, the important thing is to practice seriously and eliminate distractions, and finally you will get good results. In class, Master Sree often tell us that we should put all troubles and any distracting thoughts outside the class, and focus on practicing and learning when we enter the class. At first, it was difficult. We all are people with seven emotions and six desires. Through learning more knowledge and daily practice, we became more and more attentive. I used to say that I love yoga because I feel that after practicing yoga, my body and mind feel comfortable and calm. Now I am learning to integrate each individual pose of yoga with a happier and more focused mind.

Feeling vs feelings. Feel with your body and mind, instead of ignoring feelings just because you have to do this asana. Feel the comfort that every defect and perfect asana brings to your body, naturally accept and feel every step, and experience it with your heart. Don’t be afraid to feel frustrated because of difficulties or failures. Face the experience with joy. In this world, we are all be busy and troubled by our family’s work and the tedious things in life. Many times, we don’t let go and set our minds to think, feel and live in a hurry, day after day. The days are in a hurry, day after day, the sun rises and the sun sets, so long as you treat it calmly with your heart and feeling, it will be beautiful. Next time when you are upset and irritated, stop for a while, take a deep breath, and then breathe out deeply. You will feel that it brings you calmness and relaxation in the mind with calm breathing.

Know and Trust yourself
How many of you believe that many times you are unable to do it? Firstly, you must understand yourself clearly, trust yourself, and then put your mind at ease, understand that everything can be done.
Yoga poses are not difficult, and everyone can exercise. We often see very beautiful and difficult yoga poses on the Internet. After seeing them, we envy and tell ourselves, ah, I can’t do it. The purpose of practicing yoga poses is not to show off the difficult movements, but a kind of self-exercise, a kind of physical fitness exercise, let one’s own energy show revealed. Know your basics well, don’t be anxious, you can achieve any posture with time and continuous exercises. And don’t practice yoga asana blindly, you have to experience feeling and depth.
Remember to do it slowly, no rush, no hurry…use your mind, use your heart, use your body to feel it.

I used to say that I love yoga. In fact, love is not so simple. You must first understand, experience, practice, and enjoy the efforts and results in the process. The intention must be clear, study hard, challenge yourself, and strengthen yourself. All of this can be achieved and gained as you gradually do yoga.

Indeed, I love myself for being passionate and seriousness for yoga.