Relaxing in the Sleeping Pigeon Pose

For tight hips, like myself, try watching the television or reading a book while in the sleeping swan pose. It can be a passive, yet effective stretch to open up the hips. It can be rather intense too, yet liberating at the same time while releasing the tensions in the hips.
The sleeping swan pose is great for tight hips because it stretches the hip rotators, hip flexors and creates significant external hip rotation to the front leg as well as internal rotation to the back leg. A gentle arch in the back is also created while elongating the the hip flexors of the back leg. Stability in the pelvic floor can be established with this pose too.
Everyday sitting in the office, sports such as running and cycling, and stress are the common reasons for the hips’ tightness. These cause the hips to be strong and tensed up, losing their flexibility and range of motion.
However, getting into the right alignment for the pose’s maximum benefits can be a challenge, especially with tight hips. Start on all fours, with hands directly beneath shoulders, knees directly beneath hips, bring the right knee forward until it touches the right wrist and the ankle towards the left wrist. Straighten the back leg and with support of the hands, lower both sides of pelvis towards the mat, making sure the pelvis is not leaning to the right. Keeping the hips squared is important for full effects of the pose and also to properly align the lower back. If this is not accessible, place a towel or block under the right hips for some leverage. Walk the hands forward, lengthening the torso and fold forward into the full pose.
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