Reincarnation: the rebirth of life after death.
It explains why and where we are born, who our parents are, how we look like physically,  how much wealth we have and the fortunate and unfortunate events we meet in this life. How our life works in this life depends on our Karma of previous life.
It is said that to be reincarnated into human life takes a lot of good deeds done, in the past life. I often wonder, with the many wars going on through the past centuries and the many innocent lives lost, where was the many good deeds done? How and why are there so many humans? Why has the population more than tripled over the last century?
Does this mean  that people have been doing good Karma, allowing them to be reborn again as human beings?
During the summer of 2005, I was very fortunate to have been able to speak to a Venerable monk.
I asked him: “The human population is getting higher and yet a majority is here to suffer. What is the purpose of being here? Is it because they have good karma, that gained them re-birth, or is it because they are here to suffer? Is it really good luck to be re-born as human?”
The monk smiled at me and said: ”How can you be sure that life only exists on earth? The universe is limitless. How can we be sure that we are the only living organisms in the universe? And how can you be sure that one will always be reborn again?”
In a flash, the thought hit me so hard and it all made sense!

The people you meet is a reflection of your past life.
The lottery you won was effect of Karma.
The psycho boyfriend that you had is Karma.
The sister you had most fun with is Karma.
The classmates who took this 200 hour teaching course with you is Karma.
The wonderful teachers leading you on this path to YOGA.
The parents who love you so much no matter what you do is Karma.

Everybody you meet and every event you go through in life, is a reflection of yourself, a reflection of your own actions.
I believe that in order to get out of the cycle of re-birth, one should remove all desires, emotions and impure thoughts. In this way, we have no more reasons for existence and therefore we will not be reincarnated, again.

One thought on “Reincarnation

  1. I’ve met you in the previous. There was never a time that we did not exists and there will never be a time that we will cease to exist.
    See you soon, “In the Next Life.”

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