Be a Reiki Master


Be a Reiki Master

Reiki Master Healer Course| Online Certification | Livestream with Reiki Grand Master

The shocking truth: you already have this healing power inside you right now, and I’m going to show you how to unleash it today.


Be a Reiki Master now!


Hi there,

In this short presentation, you’re going to learn how to completely eliminate stress, anxiety and illnesses from your life, WITHOUT spending a ton of cash and time on medications, therapy and treatment.

By the time you’ve finished reading this short page, you will know:

  • The secret underlying cause for all illnesses, from the common cold to the most aggressive cancers
  • How to wake up every morning with the energy and positivity normally reserved for young children
  • A simple technique to remove all of your anxieties, fears and worry
  • The quickest, easiest way to look and feel younger than ever before

And much, much more…

But before I share those tips with you, I want to tell you the astonishing true story about how I figured this out. Don’t worry, it won’t take long…

Just 2 Short Years Ago, I Was Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes


I was distraught. I was 46 at the time, and felt that I was in decent shape. Yes, I was working long hours in the banking sector, so stress was an everyday issue, but most people around me were in the same 9-5 situation…

When I visited my doctor complaining of frequent headaches and vision problems, I genuinely expected to be told I was just spending too much time looking at a laptop screen, or that I needed to strengthen my glasses.

What I did not expect to be told was that I was chronically stressed, which had led me to develop high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes!

What Tormented Me The Most Was Wondering What Would Happen To My Family If Anything Were To Happen To Me…

How would my 2 young kids cope with losing a parent? How would the lack of finances impact their chances in life? And how would my partner cope with being a single parent?

I’ll be honest, just thinking about all this stressed me out even more!

I Felt So Guilty. I Owed It To My Family To Make Sure I Got Myself Healthy Again…

I was prescribed medication, including metformin to help lower my blood sugar levels…

And, with the help of a personal trainer,

I overhauled my diet and exercise regime.


Trust me, after a long day in the office,

I didn’t want to slog it out in the gym…

Nor did I like having all my favorite foods taken away,

to be replaced with bland ‘diet’ food…

But I had to do this for my family.


After 6 Months of Dieting, Exercise and Medications, I Was Back At My Doctor’s Office For A Checkup…The Result?

My Type 2 Diabetes Was Just ‘Slightly’ Better, And My Blood Pressure Was Still Very High 


I can’t even begin to tell you how devastated I was…

It was like 6 months of gym, and forcing myself to give up all the foods I loved, was for nothing.

Then, a breakthrough! My personal trainer recommended I see a friend of his who was a Reiki Master.

Honestly, I’d never even heard of Reiki, but at this stage, I was willing to try anything!

I Met This Reiki Master and I Finally Learnt What Was Really Wrong With Me…

He told me that there were 2 reasons my type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure was not getting any better…

There Are 2 Reasons That Stop Many People Getting Well Again, From ALL Types Of Illnesses…

Despite them taking all the right medications….

Despite them even having the will power to eat the right foods and exercise regularly.

And today, I’m about to reveal to you these 2 reasons:


Number One: Nearly All of Us Have Chronically Low Levels of Energy

Most of us have problems getting enough sleep…

And most of simply can’t function without a cup of strong coffee in the morning


Trust me, 9+ hour work days, 2 hour commutes and 2 young kids meant sleep was a luxury for me!

The Reiki Master told me that I was not alone…

We’ve become so used to working unnatural hours and not sleeping enough that there are now billions of us who are chronically tired…

And then we use ‘pick me ups’ such as coffee or energy drinks to keep us going.

This depletes of us something called Ki, which he explained was the life force inside all of us.

Low energy levels = Low levels of Ki = lethargy, confusion, depression, sickness and disease

No matter what medications we take, or how well we eat and exercise, these things just cannot work their full magic when we’re chronically tired.


Number Two: Nearly All Of Us Are Chronically Stressed, With Many Of Us So Used To It, We Don’t Even Realize!

This Reiki Master told me that changing my diet and exercising regularly was a good start, but it was doing nothing for my stress levels…

In fact, because I was trying to fit in gym time, as well as trying to stick to a strict diet, on top of working such long hours, I was now even more stressed than ever!

He told me that stress was the insidious generator of mental and emotional health problems, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and personality disorders.

But it was also a key catalyst in physical ailments, such as irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, alopecia, eczema, psoriasis, impotence and other sexual dysfunctions, menstrual problems, fertility problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and even cancers.

In fact, last year, stress-related sickness cost US businesses over $300 billion in healthcare and missed work days!

I now had my answer. Despite being on a strict diet and the ‘correct’ exercise regime, there was no way I would conquer my high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes when I was tired and stressed out 24/7.

I Resolved To Learn Everything I Could About Reiki To Help Me Relax And De-Stress.


6 months later, I went to my doctor for a second checkup…

He couldn’t believe the improvement in my health!

After Just 6 Months, My Blood Pressure Was Down To Normal Levels, And My Type 2 Diabetes Had Reversed!

This was despite the fact that I was no longer so hard on myself for missing the odd gym session, or treating myself to certain tasty foods…

But in all honesty, I did not need a doctor to tell me any of this…

I felt the change, and my whole family noticed!

I woke up every day with the energy of young child, ready to face the day, no matter what it would bring…

Within weeks, I had given up my 2 decades long coffee habit…

My partner couldn’t believe how much calmer and nicer I was to be around…

My children loved how much energy I had for them, despite the long hours at work…

And my concentration at work improved so much, I was offered a promotion with $10k pay rise!

Seriously, I felt healthier and happier than I had done since I was a teenager.

But I Did Not Want That To Be The End Of It…

I Realized That There Was So Many People Out There Who Seriously Needed Reiki In Their Lives…


The Main Problem? Reiki Is Expensive, And It Isn’t Available In Every Town or City

So, I asked this Reiki Master if he would help me create an online Reiki course which anyone could access…

No matter where they were on the planet, and even if they didn’t have lots of money.

I Spent a lot money and time Learning Everything I Could, and Turned This Into an Easy-To-Understand Online Course…So Anyone in The World Can Now Benefit From Reiki

Here’s What Just A Few People Have To Say About “Be The Reiki Master Online Certification.”

Tony S: I suffered a stroke last year at the age of 83, which really affected my balance. My neurologist did his best, but couldn’t improve it. In fact, it actually got worse as I started vomiting due to dizziness. After discovering “The Shocking Truth: How Anyone Can Heal Themselves At Home Using Reiki” I realized the real reason I was not getting better; I had shockingly low levels of Ki. I put everything recommended in the book into practice. After 6 months, my neurologist was amazed at my progress, and I feel 3 decades younger!

Margaret M: I’ve had issues with back problems, pinched nerves and arthritis for many years, leading me to be on a cocktail of drugs to manage the painful symptoms. The worst thing was feeling like a burden to my family, especially my husband, who would have to become sole carer of our children during particularly painful episodes. This home Reiki course made me realize that my medications were simply managing my symptoms, not addressing the underlying cause. 11 months later, I am free of all medication, and my family are so happy. Thank you!

Susan D: In my early 20s I was diagnosed with anxiety, and would have regular panic attacks. In my 30s, I was able to control my attacks using medication. However, I hated the myriad of side effects these drugs gave me. My friend urged me to buy this Reiki home study course. I admit, I was a little skeptical, but I felt it couldn’t hurt. Now, I can’t even imagine my life without Reiki. I am finally free of all anxiety, and I no longer need any medication. My family and partner cannot believe the change in me, and love my new ‘living life to the max” attitude!

Brian T: I’ve been a chronic insomniac for over 20 years. I’ve tried sleeping pills, but hated how groggy I felt in the morning. I had all but given up on a cure until I stumbled across this online Reiki course. After practicing all the principles laid out in this easy to understand book, I started to sleep 7+ hours every night. Seriously, I have never felt such deep relaxation and contentment. For the first time in years, I wake up every single morning refreshed, ready to face the day. My productivity at work has gone through the roof, which has led to a promotion to assistant manager!


Get access to Reiki energy now!


As you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to harness the power of Reiki and reverse all your medical problems.

In fact, you already understand more about how stress and tiredness contribute to our health issues, thanks to this short web page, don’t you?

The thing is…

What I’ve Shown You So Far Is Just A Drop In The Ocean Compared To What I Can Really Show You Inside “How Anyone Can Heal Themselves At Home Using Reiki.”

I’ve spent months of my time (and $1920… Reiki Masters don’t come cheap!)…

Figuring out how anyone can use Reiki in their own homes to heal themselves of all types of illnesses…

And I’ve put it all into one simple, easy-to-digest formula for quickly and easily healing yourself (and others!)

And so the way I see it, you have two options…

You can do what I did and go find a Reiki Master, take 6 months learning everything you can from them…

And spend $90-150 per hour of their time (that’s assuming they would want to spill their secrets in the first place)…

Or you can avoid all that time, money and hassle by enrolling in this online Reiki Master Healer course.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside…


Using Reiki

You’ll Gain Instant Access to a Downloadable Home Study Course, Where You Will Learn:

  • 7 ways to create a surge of Ki in your body to naturally ward off disease
  • How what we think can have a direct impact on your health and vitality
  • Warning: If you’re not getting enough of this important sensation, you could be in for a lifetime of pain and illness
  • The quickest, easiest way to eradicate all fears and anxiety
  • The single most important possession you have in your life (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to release all your negative energy blockages within 1 hour by controlling the 7 chakras
  • How to prepare your mind and body to receive the power of Reiki
  • The virtually unknown technique to becoming a Reiki healer within 7 days
  • The real truth about the 5 Reiki symbols, and how you can use them for intensive healing
  • Revealed: The 16 Reiki hand positions for self-healing
  • Revealed: The 18 Reiki hand positions for healing others


Right about now, you’re probably getting really excited. I mean…


How Amazing Would It Be For You To Finally:

  • Eradicate pain and illness inside you and your loved ones, now and in the future
  • Wake up every day free of fear and anxiety
  • Become the perfect partner, parent, friend and colleague
  • Be the best version of you every single day
  • Gain peace of mind that you’re going to live a long, healthy happy life surrounded by your loved ones

If you want to make sure you stay alive, healthy and happy for your family…

For years to come…

Then you’d be crazy not to sign up for this super offer.

Let me ask you a question.

How Much Would It Be Worth To You To:

  • Wake up every morning (yes, even on a Monday) full of energy and vitality, ready to attack the day?
  • Be on top of your game, every single day at work, full of drive, confidence and ambition (this is that will get you that promotion you want)
  • Reverse all those health issues that are creeping up as you get older, such as high blood pressure, mobility issues, anxiety, heart problems etc.
  • Be the best person you can be for your partner, your kids and your whole family (they’re going to love the new stress-free, calm and loving you!)
  • Know that you’re going to live to a ripe old age, and experience the joy of watching your kids and grandkids grow up

Honestly, how much? If you knew, with 100% certainty, that you would experience all of these amazing benefits, how much would you pay?

Hundreds… Thousands… More?

If you had the money, you’d pay it, wouldn’t you?

Because let’s face it, all the money in the world can’t be better than a long, happy and healthy life, surrounded by your loved ones, right?

Well the good news is you won’t have to pay thousands, or even hundreds…


You Can Be a Reiki Master For A One-Time Payment Of Just


with 1-to-1 livestream guidance from Reiki Grand Master with more than 20 years of healing experience.


This offer only came about during this COVID-19 lockdown period, as we know that Reiki benefits mentally and spiritually, which is especially needed during this crisis.


I know you’re an intelligent person. You would have read this far down this page if you weren’t.

And I also know my Reiki course can change your life…

Simply click the order button below and I’ll talk to you on the inside.

I look forward to changing your health and life forever.


To Your Future Health & Happiness