There exists an abundant of universal cosmic energy around us and we can use it for healing. This cosmic energy is called Reiki. Singapore is slowly being exposed to the usage of Reiki, especially in hospice and hospital.


What is Reiki? (Click to read more…)



Testimonials from Reiki (Singapore) recipients:

“My backache’s gone! Wow! Can’t believe that years of pain are gone after a single Reiki treatment!”
– Reiki treatments recipient from Brighthill Evergreen Home for Senior Citizens – Senior Nurse Ms Irene

“I cannot believe it! Even my doctors cannot explain it! I recovered from full blown breast cancer! Thanks to your Reiki team”
– Reiki treatments recipients – Ms Chinnama



Reiki healing is done 1 to 1, each session lasting for about an hour. The number of sessions required would depend on individual.

Rate for each Reiki healing session:
SGD 150
(at Tirisula Yoga studio)

We can come to your house for Reiki healing too. Additional transport charges may apply depending on your location.


To make an appointment for Reiki@Singapore, please email

To be attuned as a Reiki healer, click on Reiki Healing Courses for details.


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