Response from Participants of Reiki Courses (Singapore) after Reiki attunement:

“Reiki is another path of exploration along the path. Not so much about theory though, most of it is about experiencing. The feeling is unexplainable and amazing. I used to doubt energy healing, crystal healing and all… not until I learn Reiki from Master Paalu and Master Satya.

Short introduction: Reiki is a form of energy healing, origin from Japan. Healing can be done by direct to the person or distant healing. i would feel that it works a lot on my focus and concentration of my intent.

I went through a 2 days course of Reiki Level 1 and 2. Two days experiencing two distinctive effects on me.

During the first degree Reiki attunement, I was sitting on a stool in the middle of a dim lighted room, with relaxing background sound. My eyes was shut, have no idea what was done by Master. I just make sure no other thoughts should affect the adjustment.

First attunement (tuning of the chakras, energy centre in the body), was done. We were informed that its a cleansing process, we may not feel well.

After this attunement, I don’t feel very good. I find my mind was shut and in daze, tired… after the class I just want to rush home to rest. In the middle of the night, tummy didn’t feel good, a bit of cold sweat here and there.

I actually dragged myself to the 2nd class the next day!

Luckily the second degree Reiki attunement came fast. Felt a lot better, no more dazing and lost; energized. My tummy was still in turmoil, till we practice distant healing by Master Satya. I feel good after the whole course, and I’m, glad that I attended the class.

I would view that Reiki works effectively when both parties is open to energy healing and willing to try. I still finding it very interesting and sort of difficult for me to explain to the people, only through doing it on them… and with their “”… it explains itself.”

Adeline Lum, Singapore, Reiki Courses (Singapore) Level 1 and 2 Participant