Regaining Control of My Life

I have been in the corporate world since 2001 and while I am thankful that my career progression sustains me and allows me a comfortable life, it is a sad fact that my work eats up most of my time. It used to be that the things I wanted to do and the places I wanted to travel to were at the mercy of how much time I had left in the evenings, how close the weekend was or how many annual leaves I had left. It would be nice to break free from the corporate world but for people like me who have been in it all our lives – just in determining if we should break free, we get stuck contemplating about what if it were a choice between being financially stable but constrained versus being financially unstable but with total freedom.

Yoga helped me a lot. As I got more immersed into my practice, I felt some kind of peace within me that I can use as an anchor whenever I needed to. I felt a refreshing kind of mental clarity as if someone just pulled off a veil I have unconsciously been wearing on my head. I was getting to know myself better and started to really listen to what my heart’s true desires are and figuring out how to actually manifest them. Being fully in the present helped me to worry less. Worrying less helped me to stop questioning my decisions and listen more to my intuition. Not doubting my decisions helped me become more of a doer rather than being the usual biggest critique of my life. It was one good thing after another. The transformation I liked most of all are those of my outlook and priorities in life. I started giving more value to my personal goals and dreams – while work was important, I no longer allowed my life to revolve around it. I worked more efficiently in the office so I can end my work day early, in turn gaining more personal time. Recently, I started incorporating pranayama into my daily routine. I enjoy that solemn moment every morning just listening to my breath and feeling my prana expand. I feel gratitude towards yoga and the many tools it offers towards a blissful and purposeful life.

© Karen Cornejo, June 2014


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