Reflections after the one-month training

Time flies, the 4 weeks of intense physically and mentally training is nearly to the end. When I look back at my intention to join the course, the true experiences actually deviate a lot from the expectations, in a good way. I signed up for the course because I wanted to have a systematic approach to yoga practice, rather than just physical exercise. This part has been fulfilled beyond what I was looking for. But I also wished that I would be able to do the fancy cool inversions and show off via the social media. It turned out that my motivation was partially incorrect.
The first week of training was miserable for me. As I hadn’t been working out regularly before I joined the course, every inch of my muscles hurt so badly that I felt exhausted every morning when I got up. I couldn’t do more than half of the asanas or the preparation poses. Those days were real struggles.
The second and third week turned a bit better as my muscles were getting used to the intensity of training. Besides the morning asanas, the theory classes in the afternoon were quite intriguing and inspiring. Among all the contents we covered, I found myself benefited the most from the discussion on the eight limbs of ashtanga. It served as a systematic guidance to live my life. Though it may take me years of practice to achieve samadhi, but I am grateful that I made a good beginning.
Amazing things happened in the last week. I could not ignore the strengths I gained over the past weeks. Physically, I am finally able to do a proper push up, followed by kakasana and tittibhasana with knees bend. Mentally, I become more emotionally steady and energetic throughout the day. I used to have nightmares quite often, but these days I can sleep like a stone. All the changes I observed on myself are so encouraging and I feel so contended. I felt it personally that yoga is about self-study, I should not compare myself to others or do things others are capable of.
In addition, I am so grateful that I came across the amazing teachers and classmates. Every session with Master Paalu and Satya was enjoyable and inspiring. The beautiful, intelligent and diligent ladies in our class are true treasure to me. I couldn’t ask for more of the motivation, care and sharing they offered to me.
Although the course is finishing soon, it is just the beginning of my sadhana.
YTT 200, Sep 2017

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