Reflections about teaching

3 things that I found out after teaching for 3 classes – Ultra Beginner, beginner and intermediate level.


1. I want my class to be simple, easy to follow and accessible. I’m not chasing the class for fanciful and Instagram worthy poses. The consideration is how can people who have not done yoga, feel welcome to the class, and yet sweat for a fulfilling session. The lesson should be planned with sufficient poses (don’t need to be ambitious), logic in the sequencing and proper pacing. Think about the student profile, e.g. can they stay standing for many standing poses.


2.  Prepare and think about what I want to say during class. Don’t just stand there, demonstrate the pose and count the breathing. Research about the common cues that are given and how to integrate in my script. Then, practise and stick to the script closely! I’m never good with speaking freely. Next step is to walk around, adjust, and while still talking to them. Avoid repeating same few words like “try”, “okay”, “slowly”.


3. My eyes should be focusing from the feet, knee, hips, shoulder and back alignment when teaching. They are like the teacher’s drishti or gazing points. It is easy for the eyes to check if students are doing it beautiful than correct alignment. I must on always focus on the alignment points so that these are the areas to adjust if necessary.