Inner Reflection of Self

Hello! I am Eileen. As part of our assessment criteria for YTT 200hr Weekend class, we are required to write 4 blog posts, and this is my very first post.
Today, we had our first attempt to teach in groups, the three asanas which we were told to prepare yesterday. When I heard of this assignment, my first impression was, sounds do-able. And so, I have screened and focus on these three asanas, Vrikshasana, Trikonasana and Vasisthasana.
During my first attempt with the smaller group, I literally fumbled and trembled. These are very simple poses, and yet, vocalising these instructions which I had read and memorised the evening before, is totally different. However, when the rest of my group mates took their turns, I picked up their skills of giving verbal cues, physical cues, adjustments etc. Things that seemed simple, aren’t that easy after all! Of course, the after-sharing session totally helped, by allowing us to hear true words (maybe in a nicer tone and choice of words) of what was lacking, and what could be improved from my teaching, from the fellow group mates.
After a 15 min break, the class was split into two, and the group which we will be guiding, expanded immediately! On this second attempt, with the same asanas, but bigger group, this time I am much more confident! It’s pretty much on-the-job training, learning and immediate practice/application.
This is in line with what we had been taught over these weeks, we need to practice more (asanas) frequently. Being busy at work on weekdays is not a valid reason or excuse. Being the worst student (or one of the worst), I am trying to work much more on my strength and core, by practicing more in Yoga studio on weekdays, or at home if I do need to work late. I do blame myself for the lack of constant training (had slacked for 12 years), but I am totally glad that I took up yoga 1.5 years back, and with this course here today, higher standard is expected (though I did not expect there will be assessment as I signed up with the criteria that no assessment). But well, it shall be a challenge, to myself, my physical body, and my mind!

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