Self Reflection on YTT Course

Q: Why do I take this yoga teaching training course?
A: Thinking back,  I signed up this course mainly out of my insecurity about my self discipline. I left my job two months ago. Before leaving, I have been listening to so many stories on how jobless people  waste their time doing nothing. There are also stories on how jobless people fall into depression due to problem arisen from being unemployed. I cannot allow this scary thing happen to me! So I thought, I need to surround myself with positive energy and probably gain some wisdom to overcome those problem. Why not try the yoga teacher training course? So I am here!
Q: How’s my experience on this course?
A: It has been really great! I learn from the masters on the philosophy of yoga, yoga teaching method, the soft skills etc. I learn to headstand, something I have been avoiding.  I learn from my classmates about yoga related matter as well as their way of thinking and their personalities. I learn some healthy recipe by seeing what my classmates have for break time. I get to feel how is it to be a yoga instructor. I get to see how I react or respond in certain situation. I get to know myself better. I learn about possibilities. It is wonderful to learn new things, meet great people, and break through my mind block. It makes me feel alive.
Q: Final words for everyone I meet in the course?
A: Thanks for the energy, people! =)
Tong Wei, Nov 2015

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