Reflection of a Yogi WannaBABE

I had long wanted to begin on a journey towards good health in terms of physical, mental
and spiritual aspects. I chanced upon Tirisula Yoga website 200hrs teacher training hot yoga
and I saw it coming. This is it! I signed up after discussion with my family as it required lots
of commitment- weekends for the next 3 months or so. Since then, I’ve not looked back.
First day of reporting: 7.30am! I reached early to get myself prepared. Teachers- both Nicole
and Jessica were pretty and slim. That was my target, to be like them. I did a 3-hr asana
practice during and I felt tired, albeit great satisfaction that followed. The first practice was
not as daunting as I thought it would be given that I was not a regular practice of yoga,
especially hot.
Other than the asana sequences, I also learnt breathing technique a.k.a Pranayama. I learnt
how to breathe in using the diaphragm and not just be the chest. This helped in regulating
my breathing and to breathe slow as I quote my teacher’s saying. “When you breathe
slower, you will age slower” meaning you will look more youthful. I also had manuals given
which consist of both the theory and the asana during the first lesson.
The first theory was a 1.5hr lesson on the philosophy of yoga. What is yoga? It is actually the
union of the body, the mind and the soul. As the lessons carried on weeks after weeks, I also
learnt about the impact of each asana on our anatomy. This made me more mindful of my
own and other people’s posture in terms of walking and standing. The more stretch I did in
my asana, the more in control I am of my own body and concentration. Eventually I hope to
unite my body, my mind and my soul even after I graduated from the course.
Dawn aka Yogi WannaBabe 200hr HotYoga Weekend 07/14

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