Reflection of yoga teacher training journey

Joining the Yoga Techers training has always been at the back of my mind as I had so many questions on the poses and alignments. But understandably, studio instructors will never have enough time in an hour practice to explain all the theories behind what we do and the different breathing techniques – not to mention, the chakras and gunas…etc. So it felt like there were alot of missing pieces in my yoga experience and I really wanted to deepen my practice. 

With that said, it took me a lot of courage to sign up for a YTT 200 hrs, mainly because I assumed that only experienced and solid practitioner are allowed and I was basically uncomfortable at the thought of being tested for our yoga practice – when yoga was supposed to help with releasing my stress instead. But to my pleasant surprise, the training course welcomes everyone with various level of practice. In fact, the whole setting wasn’t intimidating at all and I quickly realised that everyone was simply there to learn. Furthermore, I am thankful that my course mates were very approachable and generous with sharing their knowledge. Every session with them and Master Ram were enjoyable and filled with laughters. It’s also important to remember that everyone is on their own yoga journey and we should be respectful of it to create a safe learning space without any judgement. I have to confess, the course was challenging as it requires self-discipline and determination to practice/study on our own and being in the course itself pushes me out of my comfort zone. However, I am truly glad that I took a leap of faith to sign up for the YTT as it has taught me that yoga is so much more than just asanas. It involves the physcial, mind, soul and the health state – It is a holistic appoach to life. I guess this is applicable to life, where we should get out of our comfort zone to experience growth. 

I hope that with my refined understanding on yoga, I would be able to share my knowledge and extend the benefits of yoga to a greater audience, and hopefully create an impact in someone’s life. However, I believe that the learning journey never ends, and there are so much more to learn about yoga – this is probably just the begining. 

Note to self: Trust and enjoy the process.