My Entrance – Rebuilding

I honestly did not know how it happen but I ballooned into an almost 150% obese individual by the age of 12. It caused me have low self-esteem. I vividly recalled there was a rock-climbing activity but I gave up the chance to sign up because I was afraid my heavy weight will injure my peers if I fall. I knew I could sing, act and dance but I was afraid to be laughed at.

My first experience in yoga was probably around high school time. I knew I am flexible and going to the class actually make me feel good because I am always the most flexible in the class but I did not continue to second level because I was still pursuing my academics.

Entering university and first working job was tough. I felt so depressed that I pray that death befalls on me every minute when I am awake. Even during my second job, I was so stress that my work enters my dream and it felt like I was forever working.

One day, I decided to step into the gym and try a dance class. I started laughing at myself because of my lack of motor control trying to copy the instructor. I was shameless because I told myself: nobody knows me!

I started rebuilding health and mental status with the help of colleagues and friends. Occasionally, I took yoga classes but only few were good. Good ones were always difficult to get into the queue. For others, I was not convinced what I was doing. With a better stamina, I started unlocking self-achievements such as kayaking, scuba diving and eventually rock climbing.

3 years of intensive gym classes took a toll on my knees. I know it is time to slow down. During my first dive trip, I remembered a diver friend told me she took up the 200 hr course from Tirisula and advised me to try should I have interest to learn. It is time.

So here I am.
–Huang Weiling