What does it take to be a real yogi ?

The first week of the teacher training brought excitement and joy of a new challenge. 

The following days brought sore muscles and the hard truth that maybe I’m not strong enough for some poses. Along came the doubts and the questioning. What if I can never do the peacock pose? What if I cannot learn all the sanskrit names for each pose?  Could I ever balance the fact that I like to dance on Rihanna and party at night and still practice yoga in the morning? 

If I understood Ahimsa (one of the 5 Yamas), I should apply it towards people around me, but also to myself. Be kind, be compassionate, not judgmental, be mindful of your body. Practicing Ahimsa is very important while doing the asanas, in order to move out of negative thoughts. It leads to a more peaceful state, and frees the mind.

I remember exactly what I felt after going to the Yellow Mountains in China, climbing the stairs for a long rainy day and waking up at 3am the next morning to climb even more and arrive at the top of the mountains to see the sun rise. It was magical… But if I would have reached it by another easy way, than  it would not have been the same feeling. Like Master Paluu says, “Don’t keep thinking about the outcome of your goal, take actions”.  One step at a time…before the sun rises.


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