Ready, Get Greens, Glow!

May 2015 200hr YTTC
Blog Article 1 – Vegetarian Recipe
Ready, Get Greens, Glow!
Fruits and vegetables are ideal in every diet; high in fibre and on the acidic-alkaline spectrum, they make a person healthy when consumed regularly. Indeed a better lifestyle choice, these goodness are nature’s gift to us humans. Not only do they keep me feeling light and happy, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables help make a person’s appearance less sullen and dull. I also managed to rid some of the flabby mass (fats!) I was lugging around!
The course made me realize how unfit I am, but also how this can be changed with eating right- we are what we eat after all. I have since made an effort to set aside personal time- where I head to the supermarket to pick my own fruits/vegetables. I now know exactly what goes into my body.
Personally, I prefer smoothies as they are easy to consume and carry around- liquid goodness in a bottle! Also, vegetables are an acquired taste and do not agree with the taste buds of many. Drinking it down is a much easier, quicker process as compared to chewing mouthfuls of raw greens. Plus, mixing greens with fruit make the overall flavor more pleasant. Nutrients are also absorbed much faster when the food has already been chopped into fine pieces then blended with water.
The recipe below is something I have put together on my own and have been making for quite awhile now. My bowels are less irritated, I feel less bloated and my skin is radiant. (The wonders leaves can do for us!)
1 serving is a regular cup and I try to take 2-3 cups at meal times as a replacement for solid food. I feel full but fresh and I do not get lethargic or hungry as easily as before. The vitamins that go in my system are also more than what a regular office worker would have in a week!
Do note that the entire vegetable/fruit is simply chopped finely and blended- you are still consuming it whole. This is different from juicing, where the fruit is squeezed/pressed for the liquid content (usually sugary with little or no nutritional value) and the skin/flesh is left as a lump of dried up residue. 🙁
Finely chop:
½ head lettuce
½ bunch spinach
½ bunch celery
½ cucumber
1 green apple
A few stalks of coriander leaves, if desired as not everybody fancies the smell (Advised as it has wonderful detox properties)
Mix the above with:
1 avocado
Juice of 2 lemons
½ cup of water
Refrigerate and serve when chilled.
I take 6 glasses a day (yes, I do love the taste!) and this portion above makes about 8 glasses. Enjoy, cheers!
By Carmen L.

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