Re-writing your limiting belief with Yoga – Trust the process

“I like beginners” – Master Ram looked at me with a charming smile on his face.

I joined YTT at Tirisula Yoga with almost zero Yoga experience. I’ve been to some Yoga classes here and there in the past but my practice was never consistent and I felt I needed guidance.


When I went to Master Sree’s class, he said “When people come to the teacher training, I meet different students. A student who has flexibility but not strength. Also, a student who has strength but no flexibility. There also is a student, no flexibility, no strength.”

I was nodding my head “yes, that’s me!”

After a slight pause, he added “…but has a Yoga mind”. – “Omg, that is ME!” Weight on my shoulders quietly disappeared as I felt the warmth in my heart.


In fact, Tirisula Yoga is an inclusive community that sees you for who you are and see the strength within you.

I’ve never heard any words except for encouragement from the teachers and the students.


In my first class in the Yoga Teacher Training, towards the end of the class, Master Ram said “Go to the wall” and all the students but I started doing the headstand.

I was shocked and it would be a lie if I said I did not feel intimidated on Day 1.


I was just watching other students rocking the headstand fearlessly.

Master Ram came next to me and instructed the steps and techniques to get there. While I was listening, I was telling myself “Okay, these tips will be useful in a couple of months or later of my yoga journey. NO WAY I am going to be able to do the headstand in these next 10 weeks!”

I just followed his instruction thinking I won’t be doing the headstand today… or even by the end of this YTT or in a year.


I was just copying his movement not even thinking of lifting myself up from the mat. And just a couple of minutes later – I was upside down. Standing on my head.


I was beyond shocked and speechless. My head did not understand what just had happened!


It proved to me, my limiting beliefs are not the truth. When the steps are right, things will happen even though you have self-doubt and you cannot believe in yourself. So, trust the process.


Do you feel you are not good enough? There’s no way you can be successful or wealthy? The goals seem impossible to you?


My 2 cents to you is, when guru – teacher, guide, master, or even a lesson – come to your life, trust it. Your gut knows. Trust the guidance and keep trying.


The only way to change your self-limiting paradigm is to keep on going and keep taking action even though it seems impossible to trust yourself.

Along the way, your self-doubt might try to bring you down. It might say things like… “Why are you doing this? You can’t do this anyway. Who do you think you are?!” But it just because your brain does not like the change and it will do anything to keep you safe and protected within your comfort zone.


It’s okay if you have doubts. If that’s the case, trust your guru and the process.


When the process is right, things will happen effortlessly at their own timing.