Rabbit Pose – Kids



  1. Sit in Vajrasana (Diamond Pose) and come into Child’s Pose.


  1. Bring your palms to face the body and grab onto the heels. Place your head near your knees.


  1. Inhale lift the hips up slowly and pull on your heels as you roll forward like a wheel until elbows are locked. Top of the head on the floor. Remember not to put the entire weight on the head, but engage your arms with the pulling action


  1. To release, exhale suck in your stomach and round down


  1. End in Child’s pose.


For video instruction, clink the link below



Increase flexibility in the spine, relieves neck, shoulder and back tension. Stimulate thyroid


Muscles Engaged




Spinal issues, knee issues, high blood pressure, neck and back injuries, eye injuries(why)


Jo – Sep 2014/weekday 200hr YTT

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