Quest For Hapiness

Imagine if happiness can be store bought! It would most likely be the first thing to run out of stock everyday, most likely be the cause for all unrest and a whole lot of other problems. All of us humans, are looking for happiness, it could be in various forms, such as success and going up the corporate ladder, a trip to South Africa, or a newly acquired Louis Vuitton, or a brand new flashy car, or shifting in to a new mansion. But, the happiness or joy we get from acquiring anything material or even helping someone out, will all be momentary. After that feeling dies out, what next!? Are we going to buy more things to fill that void? Are we going to look for more needy people in need of help? It’s surely a great deed, helping others. It is highly satisfying but it definitely isn’t that easy; unless you have all the means; and when you do have all the means, it ends up going in all the wrong directions. Why? Because its in Human Nature to want more. GREED! We have all been happy, and we want more happiness, because we got a taste of it and it never stays constant.
Well, worry no more! Happiness is here to stay, provided you make it happen. The main source of happiness is Inner Peace, and this is something you and I can achieve anytime, anywhere. This is where Meditation comes in. The feeling comes from the simple act of drawing ones awareness to the sensation of one’s own breathing. The key is to block all the distractions. Our mind is so dynamic and most of the time agitated and brimming with thoughts, ideas, dreams, wants and needs. We need to give our mind a rest and just let it drift in to the space. There is so much space, beyond all that agitation and we just need to find that and keep a check on it from time to time on a regular basis. This will help us find the Inner Peace that everyone is searching for. This may not be all that easy, as our minds are very complicated and we may not be able to shake certain thoughts off from our minds.
To me, the mind is like a bottle of champagne, full of bubbles and ready to explode. Keep the bottle still for a while and you will see how the bubbles will fizzle out, but it continues to sparkle. The bubbles are the numerous agitations and thoughts, which just wouldn’t allow us to have a calm, peaceful and still mind; and the sparkle is the happiness that every single one of us are striving for. It’s there, all of it, within our reach. Remember, the Problem Lies In Your Mind, And So Does The Power.

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