Putting Yourself First: Learning When to Let Go

My first two months of 2014 (especially February) were crazy. Crazy packed. It was the start of my journey in the fitness industry. I appreciate and love what I was doing and I’m extremely grateful for the many opportunities. Not many people can study and work at the same time and still say that they have never felt so fulfilled, driven and satisfied with life. 

In the month of February, I was studying full time in uni, working part time in a private gym, teaching multiple group exercise classes each week and giving personal training to a few clients. I also found my getting attached to an amazing guy in the midst of all these.

It’s ridiculous how close we live to each other. To the point where we spent so many days with a pathetic amount of sleep, just because we could easily get away with a super short walk home after sticking together after work/school/whatever.

It was crazy. We were very happy but we were also extremely drained.

One night, he said: “Ok. Although I love spending time with you, but I told myself that I have to send you home by 12.30am.”

People should be in bed, dead asleep by 12.30am – not sending someone else home. Both of us probably had schedules that required us to wake up at 6am the next morning.

We both knew that we were sleep and rest deprived. I even reached a point where I literally had to drag myself to my yoga teacher training during the weekends. I’m not a person who relies on taxis but in one month, I took more taxi rides to my yoga training than I did in the last few years combined.

I appeared at the yoga classes but I noticed that I wasn’t performing. I wasn’t improving as quickly as I ought to. My mind wasn’t there and I wasn’t as interested as I should have been. My lack of focus annoyed and frustrated me. The lack of improvement pushed my self-esteem down the cliff.

It’s so important to prioritize and to take care of yourself. I figured that if I don’t clean up my own acts soon, and get myself back in good order, I’ll not be able to deliver whatever results that I am capable of and I also wouldn’t be able to deliver what my clients have paid for. On top of that, I also wouldn’t be giving my loved ones the kind of attention and care that they deserve and desire. 

So I made the decision to let go of certain things that were adding income but minimal value to the pursuit of my dreams and my development as a fitness professional and person. Suddenly life seemed more manageable and focused. My yoga practices were showing me results that I’ve never dreamed of. I was pursuing things that meant much more to me. I delivered classes and training that met my own expectations. I worked out at the intensity and rigor that challenged my optimal self. I had slightly more time to attend to my school work and I had time to cook! 😀

I made a deliberate decision to focus and put this up in my room to serve as a constant reminder:



Nobody can force anybody to prioritize and put themselves first. No one can force anybody to give up certain things that aren’t value adding. It’s such a personal decision. Asking yourself and answering “what do I want in life?” and “what is my dream?” is not an easy task. There’s always the need to dig deep within ourselves and find out what it is. The lack of an answer belittles our life and deprives us of the full life that we deserve to live.

What would you do, if you knew you could not fail?

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