My purpose of doing yoga is…

I was not a believer of yoga practice before I started Kundalini Yoga at Tirisula earlier this year. Like many others, I have dabbled in yoga classes and have met with different experiences. The most common of which is where the yoga instructor keeps doing dynamic poses and most of the students in the class can’t do the poses … so I think its more for him/her than it is for the students. I never went back to those classes and in general, thought yoga was too difficult for me. 

Recently, I tried asking people to come for free yoga classes for the 200TTC class and I met with some of the same resistance from others.

So how do we make yoga more mainstream, more acceptable and easier for people to join in? That it is not just about doing poses? I thought about my own purpose of doing Yoga instructor’s training for the answers. Before Yoga, I was looking at a master’s in counseling as my ‘hobby’ involves working with charities. After yoga, I believed that it is so much more powerful and positive as an avenue as compared to listening to problems as a counselor. I started with Kundalini yoga to heal myself first and foremost. After  2 weeks of learning about chakra healing and my attempts at some asana poses… I started teaching some people for free at the charity and saw the benefits that it has given them. Yoga brings them away from their minds which generates the problems into their breaths and physical bodies. It clears and focuses. It relaxes and heals. It strengthens and provides a daily practice towards self care.  That spurred my interest in yoga. Not in showing off poses or figure as to helping others. 

As the Dalai Lama once said, he sets a daily intention to be of maximum service to others. Everyday. And in the cultivation of one’s own mind, body and spirit, one can then heal and be of service to others. This is my purpose of training in yoga. Someday I hope to be good enough to be of maximum service to others using yoga as an avenue to heal. The universe has led me here with that purpose and my job will be to do the next right thing. Every single day. I may not know the outcome but my job is to have faith in Yoga and my teachers. 


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