Reiki Master Healer Course


This is not an ordinary Reiki online course where you only get e-book downloads to watching on-demand videos.

You’ll get 1-to-1 access to Reiki Grand Master, not once, but twice!

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Discover the 1000 year old Reiki science to heal yourself and others at home

What is Reiki?

Reiki or ‘universal life force’ is a healing system that originates from Japan. Reiki practitioners use their hands to guide this life force (or “Ki”) and transfer it to where it is most needed, be that within their own bodies, or into the body of another person.


  • The Flow Of Universal Life Force
  • Relaxation Is Essential To A Disease Free Life
  • We Are What We Think
  • The Power Of Touch
  • A Pure Renewable energy
  • The Perfect Complimentary, Non-Invasive Therapy
  • Reiki Works In Tandem With Any Religion Or Belief System


What Reiki Levels does this course include?

Learn Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3 all in one online course.

Reiki Level 1: Self-healing and hands-on healing (Usual price: $300)

Reiki level 2: Healing others and distance healing (Usual price: $550)

Reiki Level 3: Master level where you learn how to attune others to Reiki energy (Usual price: $900)

Instead of paying $1750, now you only need to pay only $388 for all 3 levels!


What will you get?

A 101 pages Reiki Manual (pdf)

1-to-1 Distant Initiation and Attunement by Reiki Grand Master via Livestream (30 min)

Reiki presentation slides

Reiki Checklist

Reiki Cheatsheet

Reiki Mindmap

Healing log sheet

1-to-1 Question and Answer session with Reiki Grand Master via Livestream (30 min)

You will obtain a Reiki Master Healer Certificate upon completion


How to get started?

Simply click on the “add to cart” button to purchase this online Reiki Master Healer Course

You will receive the download links via email immediately

Read through the Reiki Checklist, especially on the ‘basic steps to purify the body’.

Email us at least 7 days in advance to book a livestream appointment for your initiation.

Meanwhile, read through the presentation slides and Reiki manual.

Attend the livestream distant attunement and get initiated to Reiki.

Practice, practice and practice!

Email us to book an appointment for your Question and Answer via livestream.

You can start your own Reiki course after this and whenever you feel ready!