Arrange private classes in Singapore (1-2 people) with our renowned and highly experienced Tirisula Trainers.

When you have experienced either Master Paalu or Master Satya’s 1-to-1 Yoga class, there is nothing greater. Working at your own pace with a well-designed programme catered just for you, the classes will transform you physically, mentally and spritually.

Classes are scheduled to suit your timetable. Both teachers who specialise in teaching yoga teachers, have trained about 4000 people to date. The classes are purely inspiring and you will be able to achieve your goals and objectives sooner rather than later.

We have enlightened and transformed people with the most up to date and effective methods. Meditation, pranayama, mudras, kriyas and bandhas are also covered in the Yoga private classes.

Contact us to realise your ultimate goals. Leave us a message.

Beginners yoga classes

Learning with our Master Trainers

You can request for either of our Master trainers, Paalu Ramasamy or  Satya Chong Wei Ling.

They have more than 15 years of teaching experience and have taught many instructors worldwide. To learn through a Master Trainer, besides enrolling yourself for the Yoga teacher training programmes and the Pilates Instructor Course, you can opt for private sessions with them.

Designed for YOU

A postural analysis and health consultation is done on the first session if you sign up for 10 sessions in advanced. This consultation will reveal and highlight the areas that need to be targeted on. A personalised programme will be designed specially to suit your needs.

More benefits of private sessions:

    • 100% attention on you = more corrections and adjustments = learning the correct techniques in the shorter period of time = faster improvement
    • Specially catered to help you if you have injuries or other therapeutic concerns
    • Track your progress, work accordingly to your pace, no stress from others
    • Suits your preferred schedule
  • Saves you time from travelling (private session can be done at your home or our studio

Rates (in SGD) of Private Yoga classes / Private Pilates classes @ Singapore:

Fees for 1-2 pax per session Master Paalu Satya Chong Max Sree
At our studio (1 hr) 400 250 150
At your home (1 hr) 450 300 200

We suggest 5 sessions to start with.  You pay for value. If it is a long-term ailment, we teach coping techniques which includes specific pranayamas, meditation, mudras and so on.

Please write to us using the form below to check our availability.

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