Pretty Little Boxes and Yoga

As I come to an end of six weeks of the Yoga Teacher Training course, there are many lessons other than what yoga has brought to me that I will take away with me. The world of Yoga like the world we live in, is filled with many varied needs and wants. What we bring in to a yoga practice has a lot to do with our choices in how we live outside of the physical yoga practice. 

My choice in being a kind human being will bring kindness effortlessly into my yoga practice. My choice in being narrow minded and limited or open minded and unlimited will also extend into my yoga practice effortlessly. 

I took time to say “Good Morning” to the many walkers of Arab Street at 6 45 am and in doing so you gave me back beautiful smiles and acknowledgement. I will miss you. I wrote some ‘music’ dedicated to elephants, various people, the moon and such in my waits on Arab Street at 6 45 am. I thank you. I had the honour of being in the presence of some very good teachers. You are practicing the true meaning of yoga everyday. I thank you for your inspiration and for your different styles in teaching. I thank you for teaching me how to teach and to encourage beginners in asanas whilst pushing me towards discreetly yet firmly understanding how to teach advanced levels of yoga. I was in the company of all types of people and stories that represented my course mates. I thank you for all the different beautiful quirks and characteristics you brought to the class. I thank you. My beautiful thirteen year old daughter woke up at 5 am with me to encourage me to get to class on days that I wanted to ‘give up’ with “Mom, you can do this!” “Go kick ass at yoga Mom!””You are awesome and you can not give up!” I thank you for being my compass.  

The Teacher Training course may be coming to an end but as I roll up my mat for its last week, I leave with many additional ‘tools’ on my continuous exciting journey in Life. 



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