Pregnancy – Nutrition

Safe food to eat and choose a healthy diet.
a.Eat a variety of food to get all the nutrients need.
b.Choose food high in starch anf fibre.
c.Eat and drink calcium rich food.
d.Vitamin D help your body use calcium.
e. fish is permitted focusing on the fattier Omega 3 rich varieties.
Both mum and baby need proper nutrients in order to be helathy. Be sure to get a varied diet.
Food to avoid during pregnancy due to increased risk of bacterial food poisoning. Food poisoning affects the baby and could damage baby’s nervous system.
Avoid seafood high in mercury, such as swordfish, shark,king mackeral,tilefish etc. Some types of seafood contain little mercury like shrimp, salmon and catfish. An average of 2 meats are recommended. Avoid raw fish, shellfish, smoked seafood. Avoid undercooked meat poultry and eggs. Avoid unpasteurised food. Avoid unwashed fruits and vegaetables to eliminate any harmful bacteria. Avoid large quantities of vitamin A, which can cause birth defects.

student of pre natal student, May 2013

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