Pregnancy and Feeling Good About It

During pregagncy the female body goes through immense changes. It is not only the body that changes but also the emotions, the sensitivity, even the mindset sometimes might change. However I think that your self confidence and self esteem does not have to change, or they can just change for the better
If you are used to wearing accesories, it might be very nice to wear them even more now, Use the more colorful and playful ones. Enjoy them and experiment with them. If you like to wear scarves or shawls it is elegant to wear them in pregnancy too. Scarves are a colourful decoration, and can also be used as a loose blouse hanging over your small belly in the earlier stage of your pregnancy, when your tummy is already big to zip up completely your regular jeans, but still small for the proper maternity cut trousers or skirts.
Brighter colours, tender colours or these ” make a statement” colours can make you look jolly and energetic. Can make you look happy! Depending on your taste and personality you may choose the colours that suit you best. I believe that wearing too much black, dark grey or other pale and nude colours can make you feel and probably look tired and lethargic eventually.
Later in pregnancy some investment must be made in a few pairs of maternity cut pieces. Maybe two pairs will be enough or if you need, you can buy more. You can always rent from a friend too, but the main thing is to like yourself in these clothes. It is good to choose them to your taste, not to compromise even if you have to pay a bit more. Pregnancy is a process long enough to make you feel it, realize it, understand it and appreciate it. And not as long so that to cause boredom and to discourage you. You may think it is absurd to like yourself in that shape, but you should! Because I believe if you feel happy and comfortable while pregnant, your baby will feel it, too. This feeling of confidence and joy inside you will radiate around you.
It is important to choose the materials that your clothes are made of. Especially important is the fabric of the underwear. Cotton is best. Cotton does not cause irritation to the skin and helps to prevent the development of certain types of infections as well as reduce the unpleasant feeling of heat and tightness. For the top layer of clothes, it is also good to avoid too much sintetic, especially during the summer time, or in the countries with hot climate.
Put on make up, do your hair, feel feminine and feel good! Feel good for your own sake and for the sake of your baby – it is very simple and very true – a happy mother means a happy baby! It is a natural thing, just as it is absolutely natural ( and amazing) how the female body can expand to that size known in pregnancy and then retreat back to its very normal size in no time at all. All you have to do is to feel it and enjoy it!

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