Root: Prati – against; Ahaar – Food
Very literally, Pratyahara means withdrawal from food. However, what we feed ourselves isn’t just what we eat but also impressions and associations. It is only with the identification and elimination of these toxic external influences that we can free the mind & move within.
I have been struggling over the past few years with certain associations with people.Every time I am around them I feel my energy levels drop. In my efforts to cheer them up, I often feel exhausted. At times, it takes me a few days to feel like myself again. This is not exactly delightful for the people around me either.
I understand that it is not possible to completely avoid such people all the time, but having recognized this recurring pattern that is obviously not working for me, is in my opinion the first step. I need to accept that it isn’t my job to make them feel better. Even if I interact with them, I need to do it with distance and detachment.
PD (Yoga TTC200hr, January 2016)

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