Pranayama helps!


Just a week before the training starts, I was having a bad allergy reaction over some “unknown allergen”. With face swelling, red and lots of frustration. I was prescribed with oral corticol steroids to ease the conditions. With much discomfort due to side effect, I almost wanted to cancel or postpone the training (glad I did not do that). I told myself to hang on and see how it goes for the 1st week.

I have been doing some Pranayama during regular Yoga class, but have never been diligent in it. Until Master Paalu taught us how to do it correctly, and instruct us to practice it daily. During the 1st week I was having a bit of struggle practicing, due to congestion in my nostril. And to make things worst I got a bad sinus infection, then again another 1 week of antibiotic (why again…frustration..). But I have not give up practicing.

Waking up 6am daily to practice Pranayama was not easy for a start. I usually woke up at 7am to prepare for work, to ‘sacrifice’ that 1hr of sleep was tough 😀 but nevertheless, I did it. It’s all in our mind, as long we set a goal in our life I believe it can be achieve.

Just after 2week, my hub say this to me “bb, I don’t hear you sneeze anymore” lolx. YES! that the best gift I have for myself isn’t it. I could breathe better.

3rd week, I suddenly turn to my hub ” are you eating some kind of sweets bun?” “Yes” He replied. Since young I have sinus problem, couldn’t smell most of the fragrance/aroma. Now I could smell and tell what others are eating by not looking at their food.  This is a kind of feeling that I have never had before, guess only people with sinus problem could understand how I feel.

4th week of training = 4 weeks of waking up at 6am, never stop and I already getting used to it and even started to enjoy waking up early. Breathing in the early fresh air and appreciating all things around me.

My daily practice schedules: 30mins Pranayama and 30mins Asanas.

  1. Bhastrika – 10 times x 3sets
  2. Kapal Bati – 30 times x 3 sets
  3. Anuloma Viloma – 10 rounds
  4. Ujjayi  – 5 rounds
  5. Uddiyana Bandha – 5 rounds
  6. Surya Namaskar (Hatha Sun Salutation) – 3rounds
  7. Paschimottanasana – 1min
  8. Bhujangasana – 1min
  9. Double legs circles – 10 round right, 10 round left
  10. Boat Pose with crunches – 10 round
  11. Crow pose – 1mins (still trying to hold on the pose)
  12. Head stand – 3mins (at this moment still trying, it will come..)

“When no one believes in you, You can believe in yourself” Anonymous.

Jess Chua

200hrs YTT wkend, March 2018


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