Pranayama – the glowing energy

It’s been more than 3 weeks we are practicing the pranayama on a daily basis. My favorite one is Bhramari breathing or the Bee Breathing technique. It’s not just releasing all the tensions in your throat from all the untold words, thoughts and judgments but also motivates you to breath longer to hear your bee humming more. Lovely! 

Surprisingly most of the pranayama techniques are not taught in the  yoga classes. Why? I personally think it’s a big loss on the grounding, calming and stilling the mind path. Or is that not the reason of going to a yoga class in the urban landscape?

Or is it because prior to pranayama practitioners should not eat (breakfast is delicious and refraining might not be comfy ), not drink, not smoke (because the toxins get faster in the blood)? Is it because we tend to chose a yoga “lifestyle” which is comfy, shinny but not too much hustle please? Or shall the body not be prepared for working with the mind because our habits and sweets vices? Maybe, and it makes sense. 

My life is slowly and nicely transformed by embracing these the movement of the Prana through the body and the mind. Even practicing yoga poses for 6 years – I was not evolving further with more body workout and I was wondering why do I feel stuck? With Pranayama suddenly asanas  and chakras principle make sense and this was the point need to take it to the next level, which is not so material but more spacey.



200hr YTT September 2017

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