What is Pranayama and how does it help us on our every day life?


If you practice Yoga on a gym, probably you’ve never heard the word Pranayama before, but believe it or not, it’s a crucial part of your Yoga practice.

Pranayama is actually a word that combines 2 words. Prana which means “vital force” usually associate with breathing and Ayama which means “extension or expansion”. So Pranayama is the extension of the Prana.

Sometimes you feel with no energy, and this is cause by a Prana obstruction. It can happen for a lifestyle irregularity, dietary changes or stress among many other things.

Learning the different Pranayama techniques can help you unblock this obstructions. Yogis said that a life is not counted on years but in breaths. Breathing is linked to all aspects of human experience.

There are many techniques, that can help you in different situations, I’ll like to mention just a couple of them that help me and my son during everyday life.

My little one had a rough period at school, he didn’t want to go at all, it was a fight everyday with tantrums and a lot of crying. We realised that if he got scared his tummy was in pain, so here comes a Pranayama technique to help him relax.

Natural Breathing

It’s very simple and relaxing. You only need to be aware of your breathing and start to slow down the respiratory rate, creating a relax rhythm.

By doing this by himself when he was scare he managed to calm down and continue with his school day without suffering.

Anuloma – Viloma

This Pranayama technique actually helps in 2 different ways. If you do it during the morning, you get sharper and more alert (you should start closing the left nostril), but if you do it at bedtime, you’re more relax and calm (you should start closing the right nostril)

No matter at what time of the day you do it, just remember to use your right hand in Vishnu Mudra, it can have fatal consequences doing it with the left hand.

I encourage you to keep researching, and see how you can apply the Pranayama techniques to help you overcome different obstacles.


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