How does pranayama affect my eating

I have practiced pranayama for more than 8 months, mostly ujjayi breathing. Since I had practiced asana without ujjayi for 2 years so when ujjayi came, I loved to practice it a lot. I draw my lower belly in, make this lovely sound of breath every time I remember. My asanas started getting better, the practicing time  getting longer and my way of eating has slightly changed. I was aware that I no longer like meat, beef, poultry; I did not enjoy wine, sugar, deep fried food…
In March 2015, I started practice Nadi Shodhana and meditation. Got up early in the morning, 30 minutes each day helping me become a vegetarian two weeks later. Until now, I don’t know the digestive problem I had after eating meat, beef, fish… caused by the pranayama practicing (I read an article said that in the commencing of nadi shodhana practicing, people often have constipation and reduction in the quality of urine, and it would cause loose motion) or because my body refused meat? I stared to eat more vegetable, fruit, beans… in order to meet my body demand. Sometime I was afraid that I won’t have enough energy for daily activities; but I still followed my inner voice.
My master is also a vegetarian for long time. I had asked her about my case, she said that: the most intelligent way of eating is listening the body carefully, if you feel comfortable with the vegetarian foods so you should try it, but after if your body change, you can change.
Learning about healthy vegetarian food and apply it to daily meal is very interesting; learning about 3 gunas is more interesting. I know that fresh vegetable, fruit, beans, nuts… not only healthy for my body but also healthy for my mind. One more interesting thing that I has experienced is I’m not in mood of eating any thing but the appetite comes with eating any thing. For example, after 2 hours practicing in the morning, one big bow of salad will make me very happy or some handmade fruit juice will bring me a lot of energy. Changing the way of eating also make me free of foods. Now I think I can go any where in the world to live, not depend on the traditional food in my hometown. I don’t know what miracle things pranayama would bring me in the future, just keep practicing everyday, love it and love myself.

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