I have been practicing yoga for almost 9 years and I have never known the deep meaning of the word “Pranayama” until the day my Master Paalu explained to us:
“Prana” means life-force energy, “ayama” means” expand”. The meaning was explained so precisely. We know that breathing is so important for any single being…but in yoga breathing with different techniques are incredible. We implement the techniques to expand the prana to any part of the body or to the whole body according to your own needs. As yogis we know how to use the Pranayama to get to the maximum benefit by experiencing and practicing it ourselves. We can then show others how to bring and expand the prana to their bodies for maximum benefit.
Prana is a tool, it is like electricity, and our body is like a machine with so man  so many different parts. When the electricity does not properly reach one part of the body that part will become sluggish and won’t work properly….. so we need to repair it. As yogis we know how to fix the problem for our own bodies when necessary which is amazing.Beyond that, doing Pranayama also helps us to still our mind so that we can release stress which is one of the most common afflictions of so many human beings in this modern life.

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