Practising with Injuries

Having to do sports (competitive Badminton, Swimming, Tennis etc.) for most of my life, I’m fortunate that I have not suffered any major sports injuries. Besides the mystical elbow pain (undiagnosable) or suspected chondromalacia that caused me to limp for a few days. It is really hard to know or feel how does one practice with injuries.

Fortunate or unfortunate, I got a taste of it. Sustaining a strained left hamstring before the 5th YTT course day. Though I have no idea how and when did I get it. What I know for sure was that it was definitely not in my favour as YTT was still focusing on physically practice, training up strength, endurance & flexibility.

The strained hamstring affected how deep I could go into my forward bends and splits. Still recall that it was quite bad that during a practice I previously could do a full front split but even in a half split my leg was shaking uncontrollably. “Time to back off” says my body. It truly felt like taking baby steps again.

It got me thinking how I could modify to go into the posture or turning back time recalling how did I progress to where I am today. Lesser ego, more patience and love for my body was all it took. 

This reminded me to also show the same patience and love when I teach. Be mindful of any injuries that anyone may arrive with on the mat. Remember to ask “anyone has any injuries or medical conditions?” at the start of the class!