Practising ahimsa in our daily life

Ahimsa means non-violence, being non-injurious or inflicting pain upon others. The practice of Ahimsa forms intergal aspect in the practice of classical yoga for over three thousand years. It comes before all yamas, the basis of yoga practices that guide yogis to Samadhi. It has much wider spiritual connotation in principles, philosophies and practices, however there are many ways we could practice it in our daily life such as minding our actions.
Often we do not realize that our actions may have hurt other people. Wrong choices of words, intonations and body languages while expressing our intention could easily lead to misunderstanding. Most of the occurrences are due to environment pressures. As example, office deadlines that inflicted stresses, can easily caused one to be irritated. People with poor control of their emotions will then have higher tendency to throw temper over small issues at others, be it to their colleagues, friends or family members. If other parties also reacts base solely on emotions, eventually handling these small issues could lead to many incident possibilities: quarrels, fights, etc.
Hence, let us begin with minding and weighing our actions and reactions. Are our actions and reactions based solely on emotions?
Juliati Surya (200 hr YTT Weekend Class Aug ‘15)

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