How does practicing yoga make your body more efficient?

Yoga is a life journey; I will not manage to write this article without my yoga practice.
Practicing yoga helps to heal injuries, re-shape my body, build strength, build flexibility and improve balance. Other than that it allows improve in metabolism and stay healthy physically.
To have great posture, I start to work on my muscles to create flexibility and strengths. Which help to prevent me from arthritis and back pain especially as the age catching-up. As the years pass, our bone density is reduce by 1 to 2 percent but with exercises we tend to slow down the aging process, increase bone density and improve blood production, so that it will regulates my metabolic system in the body.
After a busy day running around with high heels and carrying heavy bag at work, my body starts to ache especially my gastrocnemius tends to feel very heavy and tired. When I impose yoga in me, such as down ward facing dog or dandasana, it enables me to stretch my tight muscles.
In addition, practicing relaxation exercises help increase blood circulations especially twisting and inverted poses. As it wring out the venous blood from the different parts of the body to flow back to the heart where it is pump into the lungs to carry oxygenated blood. Hence I felt much more relaxing letting me to have a better sleep at night.
Practicing yoga improves my lifestyle in terms of energy and vitality. Especially, in the morning, I will feel more productive and feel fresh at work. Regular practice of yoga allows me to burn more calories and tone up my body which will help me to coordinate with my actions better.
Angel Chong Wai Fah
200hrs YTT September’s Weekend Class

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