Practicing Saucha

Niyama, the second limb of the eight limbs of yoga, refers to virtuous habits, behaviours and observances a yoga practicioner should engage in. Saucha, the first niyama, is a concept which believes that pure thoughts leads to a pure body. This niyama resonated with me quite strongly me it is something I personally believe in.
Before I started yoga, or a better term practicing asana, I was quite a hot-tempered individual with a pessimistic view of life. I often stored my emotions and anger within me, so although I did not lash out or shout at anyone, I had “a negative and angry aura”, as one of my best friends once described. As I can be quite a shy person when it comes to meeting people, this combined with my negative aura meant I did not make many friends during my first year at university. Despite finding a group of close friends and having a pretty wonderful life with a healthy family and good grades, I was still negative and critical. The worst part was that I wasn’t aware of it.
When I started practicising asana, I become more aware of my body and started to tune in to my thoughts. I realised how I was thinking and the negative approach I took on life. As my practice became more frequent and stronger, I was able to harness my thoughts. Although I was still thinking negatively, it was less frequent and I was aware of them when I did. By deepening my yoga practice and taking up daily meditation, I could feel myself becoming happier and my actions and thoughts becoming more positive. I started feeling more confident and happier, which reflected on my actions and my relationships with other people. I also found it easier to tune in to my body and listen to what it really needed, thereby making making better and cleaner food choices. Thus,it goes to show that good thoughts really leads to good actions.
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