Practicing Saucha in daily lives

Saucha often translates as “purity” or “cleanliness”. It has both inner and an outer aspect. Outer cleanliness refers to the physical aspect, simply means keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. Inner cleanliness refers to healthy living with cleanliness of mind.
How I could practice Saucha in my daily lives:
Saucha in diet: eat & live healthily – always in mind ‘I am what I eat’. Consciously choose, and only consume food that would have positive impact on my cholesterol level; Practice asanas regularly to build a strong and flexible body.
Saucha in the mind: Rid of the impurities like hatred, anger, greed, delusion and pride. Cleanse my mind to remove any disturbing emotions, not thinking badly.
Remember “where attention goes, energy flows” – we have the choice in how we act, we have the power within our mind to think pure thoughts. I want to focus my attention on positive values and not have my energies drained by unconstructive influence.
By directing my thought towards positivity, I can add positivity to my lives and to the people around me.
The study of yoga philosophy reminds me of the right attitude I should adopt in leading a pure and positive life.

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