Practice and all is coming ~ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Practice and all is coming ~ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
A few years back, I used to visit this yoga studio where they have this phrase displayed along the corridor. I can’t recall the number of times I passed by this phrase, read it without thinking twice about it. Sometimes in order to really understand something you need to experience it at the right time, in the right place. This was true of “practice and all is coming” for me.
My YTT journey started in September 2017, lessons and training are very compact, fast paced and of course it comes with a certain level of expectation, in a good way. We started with Asanas practice, poses, basic alignments and foundations.
I recalled it was around 4 weeks into the course when Master Paalu was visibly displeased at our progress for Sirsasana (Headstand) also known as king of all Asanas. We were told if we still could not go into Sirsasana we better not turn up for lessons the following week. Obviously, I panicked as I’m one of the students whom have not mastered it. So I had to throttle at full speed, I practiced for almost 3hrs daily, looked through tons of Youtube video for tips and clues on Sirsasana practice. I struggled, I fell, I got angry, I got tired and I got even more dejected upon seeing this Youtube practitioner saying she only practice 5 mins daily and was able to master Sirsasana a week later. At that moment, I felt like throwing my ipad out of the window. (But oh well of course I did not :P).
So anyway, as dejected as I was, I still continued with my daily practice. When it’s nearly the 4th/ 5th day of my practice that when I moved my foot away from the wall and realized that my legs were not swaying back and forth anymore! I felt that temporary moment of balance and control in the air. It was truly a moment of euphoria, I tried to recall quickly what I did right and repeated the steps again and again continuing to improve and strengthen consciously. Slowly, I was able to stay in Sirsasana for 3 breaths and it slowly becomes 5….10….15…. (though I’m working towards 3mins….)
In the area of Asanas practice, my learning path is neither linear, nor consistent but what I learnt was perseverance. I learnt that the challenge or goal here is not only just about the pose, it is also a practice for exploring our mental attitudes and strengthening our will. As compared to others, I may take a longer time but as true and simple as it is “Practice and all is coming”.
Louine Liew
(Weekend warriors /YTT200 – Sep 17)

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