Practical Tips to Know Thyself Better

I’m now in the fourth week of yoga teacher training. In a few days, the course will come to a close, hopefully with the class successfully passing the exam. (Fingers crossed!) 

Master Sree remarked earlier today how much we’ve changed since we started the course. He said that when I started the course, I typically sat with my arms folded over my bent legs, communicating that I was someone who did not like being noticed. Now, I seemed more willing to discuss myself and more open to other people’s observations about me. As always, he was spot on. 

I’ve noticed these changes myself, largely because yoga teacher training has accelerated my journey to self-knowledge. There’s the initial understanding how my body can perform the asanas more steadily and more comfortably. Beyond that, the course has forced me to go deeper and understand the triggers and roots of my needless overthinking: my tendency to dwell on the past and to worry about the future. 

I’m deeply grateful for the profound wisdom that Masters Sree, Paalu, and Saatya have shared. I’m also equally thankful for all their practical tips that are now helping me manage my too-busy mind and that I’ve incorporated in my daily routine. 

  • – To regulate my energy for the day, I’ve started to do 5 to 10-minute Pranayama exercise when I wake up and before I sleep
  • – To improve my concentration, I’ve started to practice a few minutes of ‘trataka’ or gazing at a fixed point in the evening
  • – To develop my mindfulness, I’ve started to be more observant of the people who sit beside, or stand in front of me when I commute. 

It’s been a little over 15 days of yoga training and there have already been noticeable changes and they say it takes 48 days to set a habit. I plan to continue following these tips until they become a habit, and then a part of my life. 

The yoga teacher training may soon be over, but the journey to deeper self-knowledge continues.