The Power of Meditation

Before when I heard about meditation I was pretty sceptical about the idea of it, and trying to understand how it works, or is it really works?, when you consider that even if have health insurance being sick is going to cost you money in one way or another and there’s research to suggest that meditation can help you manage the symptoms of asthma, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and more, which I can be easily have due to lifestlye, hereditary or just a random, and I also experiencing depression for about 7 years now, then meditation starts to seem like a pretty sound investment for instance it might reduce my needs for costly prescription drugs, research has been proven that meditation can be very effective in reducing pain sometimes even more effective than morphine. That’s why I want to focused my knowledge or practicing meditation because it helps me a lot, it moves me in mysterious ways.


Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Meditation develops concentration, clarity, emotional, positivity, and deep sense of self confidence. I want to train my mind to be in the present moment is the number one key to making healthier choices. Many of us turn to food to cope with stress, anxiety or sadness. We often forget to be conscious while we eat, feel the smell, flavour, eat slowly and with full attention.


And just today we teacher Paalu teaches us more about the meaning or definition of meditation, how it  help us in our daily lives, how to control the many thoughts in our mind, thoughts that can disturb us easily by moving forward, and how not to be falling asleep while doing meditation, he set an easy example so we can understand more easily. Then after when we do the meditation I am impressed with the outcome of the explanation of teacher Paalu because I can truly concentrate now in my meditation, I can follow whenever he tells us to focused on one thing and by not falling asleep, I am still aware of surroundings. It really helps me a lot.


Charisze Kaye Boesgaard,

200hrs YTTC March 2018

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