Posture Analysis

Shoulders: appears neutral from this view, however, upper torso sways to the subjects left causing a misalignment in several areas.
Lower ribs: aligned
ASIS/PSIS: misalignment between both the anterior and posterior points of reference (top of hip and top point of pelvis).
Anterior View

Shoulders: this view better illustrates the pull to the left and shows quite a difference in the levels of the shoulders, the right being significantly lower than the left.
You can see here that the subjects lower right lumbar region is compensating for the misalignment of his upper torso.
Posterior View

Shoulders: some medial rotation.
Hips: slight hyperextension in the hip/lumbar region.
Knees: neutral.
Side View

Knees: neutral.
Knee View

Ankles: planter.
Feet/Ankle View 1

Feet: pronated.
Feet/Ankle View 2

Upper back: although not a good picture to view, subjects upper back/shoulder area is tilted to the left side.  The subjects Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar regions are misaligned – subject suffers from lower back pain.
Lower back: lumbar region is flat, due to the misalignment of the spine. 
Back/Spine Anterior View

Back/Spine Posterior View

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