Post Natal Yoga

Having a baby is usually an amazing and powerful experience. But once you become a mom, new challenges arise and maybe taking a yoga class is not on the top of your priorities right now. Especially if it means having to go a studio that is far away from home. And that is okay. The first few weeks you should really be at home, take time for yourself and your baby. Post natal yoga classes usually start around 6 to 8 weeks after delivery anyway. And if you had a C-section you should wait 6 to 8 weeks before you do any kind of exercice so take the time you need to recover and get ready both physically and mentally before jumping on the mat (you shouldn’t be jumping anyway at that point :).
The core and the pelvic floor are the most affected by pregancy and it may be a while before you feel ready to take a yoga class or even get out of the house, but there are a few poses that you can practice at home to help you recover quicker. Make sure to get the okay from your doctor before doing any form of exercice!
Here are a few poses that you can do at home from 6 to 8 weeks after delivery, to slowly get the spine realigned, the core and the pelvic floor strenghtened. You can always put a blanket under your knee if the pressure is uncomfortable. Remeber that in the first weeks after delivery your body is still producing relaxin, which is a hormone that make your joints and ligaments looser to prepare the body for delivery. With that in mind, you should try to go too deep in the stretches, don’t overstretch or you could injure yourself. Be gentle and patient with your body, it is still recovering.
 Cat/cow stretches – to gently keep the spine mobile, work on your deeper core muscles and pelvic floor muscles.
inhale Cow pose, arch the back gently, push the chest forward, exhale Cat pose round the back, squeeze the navel towards the spine to activate your deeper core muscles and squeeze and lift the pelvic floor muscles. Do 5 rounds/5 breaths.
Leg extension and bending – to strengthen your pelvis and you deeper abdominal muscles.
Lie on your back, bend the left leg and stretch the righ leg out. Inhale here, and exhale slowly bend you right knee and bring it towards your chest, squeezeing the navel towards the spine and squeezing your pelvic floor muscles. Inhale the leg out again. Repeat 5 times following your breath. Bend the right leg, extend the left leg and repeat the exercice following your breath 5 times.
Bridge Pose – to strengthen your pelvis and pelvic floor muscles as well as stabilize your core.
Lie on your back, bend your feet, heels towards your hips. Slowly inhale lift your hips up towards the ceiling, squeeze the pelvic floor muscles on the way up, exhale roll the back down to the mat and relax. Repeat 5 times.
 Kali – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – June 2015

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