Pose of Asana 1

Standing Pose –
Technique (Getting into the Pose)
1. Inhale and step the feet out (extends
    Hands and Feet pose)
2. Step the feet wide apart
3. Square the hips to the side. Feet
    forming a right angle, keeping the
    trunk fully vertical, the sternum lifted,
    chest open, don’t take the knee past
    the ankle,
4. Look to the thumb
Technique (Getting out of the pose)
1. Inhale, straighten the front knee
    (Extend Hands and Feet Pose)
2. Repeat on the other side
3. Bring the hands down by the side of
    the shoulders
4. Exhale, hop back to the front
1. Ground the big toe mound of the
    front foot
2. Keep the front thing, knee and ties
    pointing towards the same direction
3. Ground the outer edge of the back
4. Tuck the tailbone under
5. Lift the chest and upper abdomen
6. Reach arms away from each other
7. Spread the thigh away front each
8. Soften the shoulders
Physical Benifits:
1. Standing poses are static with low
    acid formation in the muscles, so
    fatigue in the circulatory system is
    less likely to occur
2. Improve the blood circulation to the
    inner organs while massaging them.
    in particular, increase circulation to
    pelvic, stimulate sex organs
3. As u hold the posture longer, capacity
    of the circulatory and respiratory
    system are enhanced and the venous
    return is improved
4. Extends intercostal muscles,
    improving inspiration
Katrina Matis


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