Playing with Bakasana

Bakasana is one of the few poses that I got right on the first time. I did not think about anything. I just observed my teacher and I did! I was really surprise. I was feeling so joyful and proud of myself. I loved play with this pose. My next step was to hold longer in this wonderful pose.

When I was comfortable in this position my yoga teacher told me to jump back in Chaturanga. I tried but I failed. After failing many times I decided to forget about it and continue with my yoga practise. After a while I try again and I succeed.! (-:

I realised that in many yoga poses if you get the technique right on the first time you can progress much faster but in many cases your body need time. I learned with this pose to practise at my own pace, step by step and enjoy.

When I started my 200 hours yoga teaching training at Tirisula Yoga and my master told me that I had to hold in this position for one minute, I was so happy!

Bakasana was just one more step that I learned. Yoga for me it is a long journey… So practice at your own pace and enjoy playing with Bakasana!! (-:

Vanessa Menezes