Pitta – I’ve never heard about that before

Ayurveda, I only heard this word in combination with wellness but not with food and characteristics. It’s more than only wellness because in general, it’s a traditional Indian way of healing which belongs to traditional alternative medicine.

Ayurveda means life (ayus) and knowledge (veda) and is a combination of philosophy and experience which contains the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect. There are 3 doshas – principles of life called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. According to a test, I’m a Pitta-type. Pitta means “bile” and consists of fire and water. It influences the metabolism, produce warmth and is responsible for the digestion.

In the last year, my metabolism got a lot of work when we moved von Europe to Singapore. Different temperature, humidity and food. Our body needs also time to change his usual habits. One of the obvious problems for my body was the heat. The result was that I had to sweat a lot. Also my digestion got a shock due to the move as it works sometimes better and sometimes worse.

When I read some information about Pitta, I was shocked about the common things between this type and myself. A lot of my daily attitudes and lifestyles describes Pitta. At the first moment, quite scary. Here are some examples of Pitta:

          Works systematic and organised: All the equipment in the kitchen stands systematicially and all documents are organised in the map. These are few examples besides vacation, shopping, …

          Dislike heat: I like the summer but not the extremely hot season.

          Can’t cancel a meal: That isn’t possible for me because food is so delicious and I like to try all different food of different countries.

          Tens to be impatient: If I can’t manage something like an exercise or things in the household, I will get impatient. I have to try it as long, till I can manage it.

          Tends to be a perfectionist: If I’ve to do a task, I will do it as long, till it’s perfect for me.

          Likes to be in the nature, in the mountains and on the sea: My favourite hobbies are cycling, hiking, jogging, playing tennis. Basically, being outside doing and doing sports

          Need sport to can feel good: If I have not enough sports, my mood tends to go down. Most of the time, only sports can change my mood and afterwards I feel always better.

Belongs to physical aspects Pitta tends to excessive sweating, hyperacidity and a huge appetite. Too much Pitta makes problems with your digestion. You are hungry all the time and impatient.  I started to sweat a lot in Singapore because of the high humidity, maybe it was part of Pitta. A hyperacidity shows problems with hair and skin, you are more impatient, nervous, tired and changes your mood. Some of them are part of my current life. Natural sweets, green vegetables and uncooked vegetarian food should bring you back to the balance.

Next to skin problems could be diarrhea, inflammation and heartburn typical symptoms when your Pitta is imbalanced. With too much sugar, meat, “white-flour” products, alcohol, coffee you are getting “sour” (acidification) and problems like these can come. Also spicy, sour and saltine meals aren’t good for the body and should be avoided. However, healthy are cool drinks, melon, potatoes, coriander, mint, fennel and cardamom which are sweet and bitter.

I tried a lot of different non-pharmalogical but also pharmalogical products. Nothing helped really and the pharmalogical medicine helps against the symptoms but after stopping using them, the problems are coming back. Therefore, I have to start thinking about the root-causes. And my first way will be to change my eating habits. I will avoid meat, sugar and alcohol and will reduce products with “white-flour”. I’ve started 1 week ago and I will see what my body will tell me the next few weeks.

Sylvana F./YTT Jan. 2018

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