What is the physical and emotional changes if our chakra is imbalance

I always heard about the word “ chakra” before the first time I experienced on my own. In the first week of my instructor course , I burst into tear when I went for shoulder stretching in a back bend position against the wall. The tear came out not because of the pain during stretching or anything. I also heard about the opening of chakra may also have this sign .It triggered me to read more about chakra in our body.What I knew is just so little but my first experience makes me more curious about this form of energy house in our body.It really sounds amazing to me whenever teachers came about this topic in class.
There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakra. Each chakra is located throughout our body so that it correlates to specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions.When we release the stale energy in our body,it can ease the tightness ,stiffness or malfunction of that area corresponding to .
How they related to our body part and our mind if they are under imbalances.
Root chakra( at your tailbone)
Physical imbalances: leg ,feet rectum,tailbone and immune system
Emotional imbalances : feeling of insecurity,excessive negativity and cynicism
Sacral chakra(below your navel)
Physical imbalances: reproductive issues, urinary problems ,kidney dysfunctions ,hip, pelvic and low back pain
Emotional imbalances: affect our ability to express feelings and emotion,sexuality and sensual pleasure, creativity and fantasies
Solar plexus chakra(three inches above navel)
Physical imbalances: digestive problems,liver dysfunction,chronic fatigue, high blood pressure,diabetes
Emotional imbalances:personal power and self esteem, our inner critic comes out
Heart chakra(located at heart)
Physical imblances: heart disease,lung disease,issue related to breasts,lymphatic systems,upper back and shoulder problems,arm and wrist pain.
Emotional imblances: fear of lonliness,abandonment,jealousy,anger and bitterness.
Throat Chakra(at the throat)
Physcial imblances:thyroid system,sore throats,facial problem ,ear infection,TMJ,neck and shoulder pain
Emotional imbalances: problem with self-expression through communication,both spoken and written
Third eye chakra(middle of eyebrows,in the center of forehead)
Physcial imblances:headache,hormone function ,eyestrain,hearing loss
Emotional imblances:moodiness,volatility and self-reflection; inability to look at ones own fears and learn from others
Crown chakra
Physical imbalances: depression,inability to learn ,sensitivity to sound ,light and environment
Emotional imbalance: fear of alienation ,constant confusion, carry prejudices
All this sign showing in the imbalance of our different chakra just give us some idea for bring more awareness to our inner body energy.Body and mind can never be separated.
Mika Cheung  weekday YTTC 200( march )

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