Philosophy of Yoga 1

Yoga is Union.
Yoga is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, elevate mood, and increase physical fitness and agility. “Although” Yoga is historically a spiritual discipline, it has also been used clinically as a therapeutic intervention…a general feature if these capability of inducing a coordinated psychophysiological response, which is the antithesis of the stress response… “Relaxation response”
Accordingly, Yoga has been shown to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, and psychopathological health. Futhermore, research shows that the human body has biomedical response to yoga that contribute to feelings of strength and calmness. Yoga causes a decrease in catechoamines – the hormone that is produced by the andrenal gland in response to stress – and a lowering of the levels of dopamine, norpinephrine, and epinephrine, creating a feeling of calmness.
Therefore, Yoga is a feeling of self-worth, harmony and empowerment, as well as health-being,  thus allowing and empowering people to become calm, centered and grounded, so they can move foward with hope, strength and positive outlook.

Katrina Matis

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