philosophy — Ahimsa

Although this Yama may be more related to our dealings with others, however if we do not first honour ourselves then we will not be able to feel for others. After the second day into the course my muscles were aching in places I never knew existed. Previously, full forward bend was a breeze first thing in the morning but even after subsequent days of practise my joints were so tight that I was beginning to question my pre-conceived notion that the more we stretch our muscles the more flexible we will become. The first thought that came to my mind was am I hurting myself? Why am I not honouring the 1st limb of Yoga? Why am I trying to get into poses which is sometimes beyond my flexibility?
It was only after the 4th day of training that I realized that I may be looking at Ahimsa from a wrong angle. Also during the introductory talk on Day 1 by Master Trainer Paalu he did mentioned that there will be some asanas that some people will simply not be able to do due to many contributing factors. After I have a better grasp how our body works in relation to muscles movements and the effects thereupon and also as this is not a regular yoga practise session but a 200 hrs YTT, I am able to reconcile that Ahimsa is to be honoured except that at this point in time, since we are undergoing training, aches, soreness, pain is just part of the process as both our Master trainers as well as many others before me have already walked this path which we are currently on. I will continue to strive to attain the difficult poses as it is a sequence of asanas with a long history, practised by thousands before me and I am certain the therapeutic effects will be reviewed in time. Moreover yoga is a journey, a lifetime of learning and I will continue to learn along the journey.

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