Perspectives, positivity and conditioning the mind…

As regular beings, we face the stresses of daily life. Expectations others/we set for ourselves, the rat race we’re constantly engaged in…  the list goes on.
How do we make this thing we call, life, easier for us? How can we improve the quality of our  lives? How can we strike a balance? When will enough, ever be enough? How can one TRULY feel satisfied or happy? Is that easily attainable?
Without the presence of pre-requisites (required conditions), we wouldn’t have the power to make something/anything happen. One example: We cannot have rain, without clouds.
Many a time, one has to accept the way things are, let it be, and move on. Understand, that acceptance of adversities does not equal approval or overlooking but simply just knowing and coming to terms with the fact that as mere mortals, we all do have limitations.
Ask yourself this:  “Can i accept that this is the way it is and will be, whether i like it or not?”
What we can do, is tend to the cause(s) though we absolutely cannot control the results. It may sound paradoxical, but focusing less on the results and more on the cause(s) actually improves and increases the odds of achieving the results we want. (Yes, we can influence the results if we focused on the cause(s) hard enough! Think Cause & Effect, think Karma.) Also, this would help lessen the chances of being worn out by the stress induced from worrying about the outcome.
What else can we do?
If one is in need of calmness (especially instant), first tend to the cause of relaxing your mind and body. Start with simple breathing exercises and meditation, to help slow down and still the turbulent mind. When one’s mind is at peace with one’s breath, the thinking process gets easier. The hurricane of thoughts become clearer. Then, take time, to question your intentions. Listen to your inner voice… the voice of your own truth and wisdom. Work on building a strong connection between your mind and soul. With that, it’d help take us closer and (hopefully) ultimately arrive at the wholeness that this mind, body and soul connection brings.
May we all be ever-positive, and continue to reap the boundless spiritual, physical and mental benefits of this wonderful and powerful thing called Meditation.
Jolene T (200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 Weekend)

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