Personal Transformation

It has been about 4 weeks since beginning the Yoga Teacher Training with Paalu and Satya in Vietnam.  During this time, I have felt somewhat of a transformation beginning again.
Over the years, my yoga practice has taken various shapes and forms.  I would consistently practice for a year or two, but then stop practicing for a period of time, and would either change to a weight lifting routine or a sedentary lifestyle.  These cycles have been frustrating, but whenever I returned to my yoga practice feel certain that I am doing the right thing for the body and mind.
The Teacher Training was a revelation.  I began to truly understand the importance of yoga and the eight limbs and began to see the benefits do go far beyond the physical benefits.
In fact, my personal physical benefits are counterintuitive to what I would consider to be positive progress.  My muscles are beginning to feel much softer.  Previously, during times when I lifted weights, I would judge my muscles by how solid they felt.  I would also commonly go on a very high animal protein diet.  My appearance certainly looked healthy, but something did not feel right about it.  As I switched to a vegetarian diet, I felt my body fat composition increase, and by only practicing yoga and no other form of exercise, I have felt my muscles becoming much softer.  But I feel healthier both mentally and physically.  Agitation has seemed to decrease and I feel a greater internal peace.

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